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Build The Next-Generation Learning Technology Ecosystem

Is Your Organization Ready For The Next-Generation Learning Technology Ecosystem?

Today’s teams expect L&D programs to be custom-tailored, purpose-driven, and engaging. So, how do you check all of those boxes in order to attract and retain top talent? This eBook explores the next generation of learning technology ecosystems so that you can create a more effective training solution for your learning audience.

eBook Release: Building The Next-Generation Learning Technology Ecosystem

eBook Release

Building The Next-Generation Learning Technology Ecosystem

Learn why video coaching, VR, games, and new strategies get better results—and how to implement them to build the next generation of learning technology ecosystems!

How Next-Gen Learning Tackles Modern L&D Challenges

Distractions, busy schedules, and lack of motivation are just a few of the roadblocks that today’s L&D teams must contend with. Not to mention all of the challenges associated with the New Normal, such as adapting to a remote or hybrid work model. However, building a next-generation learning technology ecosystem gives you the opportunity to personalize training and put employees in the driver’s seat. Every member of your organization can immerse themselves in skill development activities, as well as put everything into context with the help of video-based practice and coaching. They no longer sit on the sidelines by watching outdated demos or reading lengthy onboarding manuals, because your modern tech stack allows them to fully engage with the subject matter. But how do you make the shift?

About This eBook

How have recent changes and tech developments impacted the learning ecosystem? How can you provide your learners with the best of the best so that they continually broaden their skills? Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll find in this guide:

  • Introduction to the Modern Learning Ecosystem
  • Proven Technologies to Consider
  • Video-Based Practice & Coaching with Mentors & AI
  • Immersive Learning & VR Training
  • Learning Games & Gamification
  • Key Considerations for a More Effective L&D Ecosystem

How To Get Your Copy

Download the eBook Building The Next-Generation Learning Technology Ecosystem by ELB Learning (formerly eLearning Brothers) to delve into modern learning ecosystems and how you can leverage video-based training and immersive learning in your L&D programs.

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