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Creating Story For Learning 2022

Leverage the Power of Storytelling

The emotional connection a well-told story creates, along with increased engagement, leads to learning that sticks. Join us for our Creating Story for Learning Online Conference on September 28 & 29 and get prepared to craft compelling stories for a variety of media, whether it be video, podcast, scenario-based learning, or text or email campaigns.

Here is a look at the session titles:

  • Level Up Your Scenarios
  • Finding the Thread: How to Create Learning Podcasts with a Narrative
  • Don’t Be a Boring Explainer: Add Strategic Storytelling to Your Training Toolkit
  • Visual Storytelling: Tell Compelling Stories Without Words
  • Choose Your Own Adventure: Reframe Scenario-based Learning with Good Storytelling
  • Creative Innovations in Storytelling & Learning
  • User Stories, Learner Journeys & Other Epic Tales: Decoding Agile & UX Techniques for LX design

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Kick off your learning early with our two-day online workshop, Enhancing the Learning Experience Through Stories on September 26 & 27 from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. PT and hear from Hadiya Nuriddin, Senior Learning Strategist, Duets Learning, on what makes stories impactful and how to use those stories as teaching tools in both Instructor-Led Training and eLearning.

Secure your spot today and save $100 on this online workshop when you also register for the Creating Stories for Learning Online Conference—in addition to all other discounts for which you may qualify!


If you are interested in attending this online event but are unable to attend on either September 28 or 29, register anyway and you’ll receive access to the recorded sessions and handouts after the event.

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