EID donations to GMSA-AAMUSTED


The end of Ramadan is here and is occasioned by the celebration of Eid-ul-Ftr which aims to commemorate and mark the end of Ramadan fasting.

Eid prayers, charity, social gatherings, festive meals, gift-giving, dressing up, and many more are the core objectives of this celebration. In its pursuit to build a nation of harmony and religious inclusiveness, the Nasara Coordinator of AAMUSTED TESCON accompanied by some Executives and members, donated assorted drinks and an amount of cash to the Muslim ummah of AAMUSTED to help celebrate their Eid in a stellar way.

In his remarks, he thanked almighty Allah for granting us a successful Ramadan and forgiving us our shortcomings. “The NPP is the only party who has shown enormous concern to Muslims and is resolute in its quest to make the less ethnic groups in the country feel happy and a sense of belonging, hence the introduction of the Nasara Wing”, he stressed. He concluded by admonishing the Muslim ummah to bring their hands on deck to help the NPP in its endeavors.

Nasara Coordinator.


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