Nero X is a thief – Yunc Angel alleges


Many cases have been made against big arts in our industry several years in terms of they stealing artist tracks here and there especially when it comes to an upcoming artist’s case.

This time around Nero X happened to be one of the big arts on this.

Agla Demsellout also known as Yunc Angel is a young talented upcoming artist from the Volta Region who is investing so much efforts and resources to put his name out there. About some years ago, he featured Nero X on his track titled “Adonko” which couldn’t hit due to few reasons.

Recently, Nero X has featured Dr Cryme on this same track titled “Adonko” with same instrumental but with different producer which was originally written by Yunc Angel.

Too many times we’ve had greedy “celebrities” use their influence and fame to throttle young talents. If you’re going to be a star, at least be a star that lights up someone’s dark sky too, not the one who only grant media interviews and sign autographs as said by YOUNC ANGEL.

May be this upcoming artist who was struggling to come up was hoping featuring Nero X on his track might give him that recognition in the industry which couldn’t happen at the latter end.

Here is the original track by Young Angel ft Nero X.


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